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TABEARUKI/Take a walk with sausage
Referring to the sausage which you want,please say TABEARUKI to a salesclerk.

Raw Thuringer sausages are grilled in the store,
and the authentic meaty taste is very popular.
Carl Raymon is a long-established brand in Hakodate
cherished by the local people as well as tourists.

Hakodate Motomachi Map

Higashi Hongan-ji Branch Temple in Hakodate/1 min. from store

Higashi Hongan-ji Branch
Temple in Hakodate

Hakodate Russian Orthodox Church/3 min. from store

Hakodate Russian
Orthodox Church

Hachiman Slope/1 min. from store

Hachiman Slope

Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward/5 min. from store

Old Public Hall
of Hakodate Ward

Motomachi Park/5 min. from store

Motomachi Park

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouses/9 min. from store

Kanemori Red Brick


Enjoy Raymon’s original grilled sausages and hotdogs made with Raymon products.
*Eat-in area available in the store.
Thuringer ¥400 per piece

Thuringer ¥400 per piece (incl. tax)

Coarse-ground long ¥300 per piece

Coarse-ground long ¥300 per piece (incl. tax)

Spicy long ¥300 per piece

Spicy long ¥300 per piece (incl. tax)

Lemon parsley ¥300 per piece

Lemon parsley ¥300 per piece (incl. tax)

Grilled sausage set ¥1,080

Grilled sausage set ¥1,080 (incl. tax)

Raymon dog ¥378

Raymon dog ¥378 (incl. tax)

Store Info/Access

A great place to take a rest after a stroll through the Motomachi area.
We look forward to welcoming you at the foot of Mt. Hakodate.

Raymon House Motomachi Store

Raymon House Motomachi Store

Raymon House Motomachi Store was built on the site of the former Carl Raymon factory in Hakodate Motomachi. This is where Carl Raymon resumed production after WWII, and his values have been passed on to the present day Hakodate Carl Raymon. Savor the ‘delicious taste’ created by an exceptional German meister and the natural features of Hakodate.

On the ground floor, enjoy Raymon’s original grilled sausages and hotdogs made with Raymon products in the relaxed and bright atmosphere of the spacious store. The upper floor offers an Exhibition of the History of Carl Raymon, free of charge. It captures the history from various perspectives, including his commitment to promoting the livestock industry in Hokkaido from as early as the Taisho period (1912-1926), his passion for production, and the romance with his beloved wife Kou who offered moral support.


Raymon House Motomachi Store
Address: 30-3 Motomachi, Hakodate City
TEL:0138-22-4596 FAX:0138-22-0794

Business hours  
1F Eat-in area 9:00~17:30
1F Sale of goods 9:00~18:00
2F Exhibition of
the History of Carl Raymon

Pride of Hakodate Carl Raymon

Made with the finest skills using selected ingredients from Hokkaido.

In 1925, meister Carl Raymon, born in German, established Japan’s first business “to make authentic ham and sausages” in Hakodate. He is the pioneer in introducing the habit of eating processed meat to Japan. With a special devotion to the pork made in Hokkaido, Raymon made authentic ham and sausages using minimum additives, while conducting his own livestock business. Carl Raymon’s ham and sausages made with the finest skills offer the pure, delicious taste of pork. The authentic taste has been passed down over the years.